Nitro Viper ST


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OK, now we’re getting serious! Some of you found our Godzilla a little heavy and our Magnum Butt Distance spin a little light. Well just to show that we listen to our customers and also to give you a rod that fills that hole we came up with the Nitro Viper. This seven foot spin rod offers extra lifting power in the butt section for fishing hard pulling tropical speedsters like Longtail Tuna and a little more hook setting power in the tip for southern Snapper anglers. Built on an IM8 graphite blank to keep weight to a minimum and power to a maximum and fitted with FUJI Alconite guides this rod is destined to become a favourite amongst the medium tackle spin and bait fraternity. Like all our rods, the Viper is designed for easy transport and this two piece set up allows for safe storage and compact handling.

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Viper ST