Nitro Magnum Butt


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The Magnum Butt is the big brother of the Nitro Distance Spin. If you’ve had your ass kicked by a creature of the deep, then the Magnum Butt will kick ass right back. Designed around the concept of the original Distance Spin this rod still has a beautifully light tip for flicking plastics but with much more strength in the mid to lower section for increased fish fighting power. Specifically designed for the heavyweight end of the soft plastics market, this rod is at home stickbaiting for Kings around Sydney’s marker buoys, whipping up Flatties on a southern estuary, slow rolling Jews off a NSW north coast breakwall or spinning up Bluefin on a mirror calm sea. Whether you’re casting an unweighted 4 inch stickbait or a 40gram metal slice, this rod has the goods.

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Magnum Butt