What We Do

About Us:

Tournament grade spinning, casting and surf rods that skillfully blend science and art. Their design and development being a collaborative effort involving the Nitro design team, professional fishing guides and tournament anglers with the aim of creating rods, tailored for Australian anglers, to fish Australian conditions, targeting Australian fish species.

The inception of each Nitro model was to create a rod that would fulfill a particular angling niche, a specific fishing application that had not adequately been met by existing rods and thereby give anglers that performance edge crucial to sustained angling success.

Built from high-energy, impact resistant Torayca IM8 44-million PSI carbon fibre manufactured by Toray Industries, Japan (Torayca carbon fibre is currently used in the manufacture of the state-of-the-art Boeing 777 aircraft). The incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio of this material produces a lightweight rod with ‘feel’, yet an extremely durable rod with exceptional lifting power and rapid recovery from deflection, ensuring positive tracking for precision casting with pin-point accuracy.

Why Nitro?

What sets Nitro rods apart from the vast number of run-of-the mill rods is their ‘difference’. The difference that designing fishing rods based around Australian fish and fishing environments makes; not designs ‘borrowed’ from other countries. By utilising the latest advances in material composites, allied to state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we are able to bring you a superb range of rods that will simply make you fish better!